Do you have a creative passion and share our love for the art of gelato-making? Let's be friends!

Partnering a business initiative with us means sharing precise ethical and qualitative decisions. We promote a gelato culture focused on artisan production that is open to creativity and inventiveness. We respect nature and its seasons, and we pay the utmost attention to the choice of local ingredients. Becoming our partner means adopting eco-friendly production dynamics and conveying a slow approach to gelato.

Business models

We propose several business and partnership options to meet the most diverse demands of stakeholders and potential partners. If you own a strategically located business enterprise and are keen on natural homemade products, a Gaya Gelato Corner could be the best solution to expand your visibility and crown your offer.
Our partnership options also meet the needs of those who wish to enhance their hotel or catering facility with an additional feature. For these sectors we have studied mobile, practical and stylish solutions.
There are so many business opportunities with Gaya Gelato. Contact us!

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