Gaya gelato offers quality nutritional features with carefully balanced macronutrients and micronutrients.

Our delicious gelato is low calorie and nutritionally balanced. In fact, our 100g sorbets are never more than 130 calories while our creams range between 165 calories for FIORDILATTE (whole dairy milk gelato) to 220 calories for BACIO (chocolate and nuts).
Fruit sorbets, with the exception of coconut, are the ideal food for people who are either intolerant or allergic to milk or lactose because these are only made with seasonal fruits without the use of diary products. Only the Vanilla Cream contains egg.
All Gaya Gelato flavours, both creams and sorbets, are made with gluten free ingredients. And to ensure that the gelato sampling experience is pleasurable for all, we use homemade gelato cones that are diary free, egg free or gluten free and sweetened with a hint of sucrose. Many flavours are made from vegetal ingredients and are, therefore, ideal for those who follow a vegan diet.