Modern craftsmen at work

April 2, 2015, 2:51 p.m.
Combining antique skills with the new frontiers in creativity, territories, products and global ambitions. This is the recipe that the architects of Stefano Lodesani Practice, Gaya Gelato technicians and skilful craftsmen have used in the creation of the exclusive showcases designed and built to meet the development required for Gaya Gelato Project. A great challenge: to ensure the respect of the philosophies that inspired the founders of this extraordinary project focused entirely on gelato, combining the craftsmanship, Italian culture and high technology available on the market. All this to achieve a new level of global social fairness.
Gelato stored like in the old days

Considerable energy savings are achieved (more than -70%) as compared to standard ventilated display. In the event of a blackout, the counter fitted with wells can conserve gelato for several hours, something which is not possible with ventilated displays. The counter fitted with wells is definitely the best system for conserving high-quality, fresh gelato. Its use indicates great respect for the product, as this type of preservation prevents the alteration of its organoleptic properties throughout the day. The closed environment and absence of light prevent the oxidisation of gelato, guaranteeing less loss of air and therefore longer preservation of the product's organoleptic properties. Lastly, they also allow the gelato-maker to create recipes that are additive-free and/or contain no added fats in order to overcome the damage and problems caused by incorrect preservation.