La Repubblica talks about us and the new technologies in the field of artisan gelato

June 9, 2016, 9:21 a.m.

PRINCIPESSA Batch Freezer in La Repubblica newspaper:

Gelato reborn. A forever loved product that faces up unconventional flavours and a gourmet dish approach. 

Gourmet gelato is the result of personal recipes, ingredients research, supervision of the production chain: from the milk to the sugar. The gelato-maker, just like any other great chef is always on the search for manufacturers. (...)

The challenge will be then to combine research and popularity. A hand may come from Gaya Gelatolab and the heap of technology they have created for the homogenization of small quantities of gelato right in front of the client. (...) The batch freezer is called Principessa, named after the Madonie Mountains where they used to make gelato using snow. It simulates the human hand movement that they used 200 years ago. It mixes in 10 minutes. (...) Antonio Cappadonia - director of Sherbeth Festival - embraced this challenge sharing mision, vision, strategies, business models, manufacturing processes, methods and technologies with Gaya Gelatolab.