Principessa Batch Freezer on Repubblica TV

May 10, 2016, 8:30 a.m.

An innovative piece of "technology at the service of the artisan, and not the other way round!" These are the words of Antonio Cappadonia, the Sicilian Maestro Gelatiere that inspired the creation of Principessa Batch Freezer. Since its presentation in March at ‪Identità Golose 2016‬ - The International Chef Congress - a lot of positive feedback and great enthusiasm has been shown by the artisan gelato community. "The genius of this batch freezer is that it simulates the human hand movement. You get the homemade quality by using technology", explains Cappadonia. 

The Direct Drive technology Batch Freezer Principessa was created for Gaya Gelatolab in order to promote the genuine artisan gelato at its best, worldwide. Inspired by a traditional method of making gelato, while looking towards innovative and sustainable processes, this was the aim of the inventor of Principessa Batch Freezer.

We invite you to watch the video!