Raw Chocolate gelato flavor for the chocolate lovers

March 29, 2016, 1:58 p.m.

We celebrated the coming of spring  ‪with a new ‪gelato‬ flavour. RAW CHOCOLATE.  A chocolate‬ flavoured gelato made with ‪‎organic‬ raw cacao powder purchased at Big Tree Farms, a leader in organic transparent direct-trade and plant-based nutrition. Raw cacao powder contains far more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than any other roasted chocolate. It supplies natural energy and balances the mood swings. Big Tree Farm cacao processing is unlike any other:

"We carefully ferment and dry the beans, which is the initial step to develop flavor. Then once the beans arrive at our factory, we start the proprietary process that Big Tree Farms is known for – our low temperature processing. We spent years developing a process that makes our cacao products Truly Raw™, maximizing the nutritional content whilst not compromising the sensual flavor we all expect from a high quality chocolate."

Combining excellent ingredients with attentively balanced recipes, allows us to bring forward the best of locally grown fruits and Italian culinary traditions!

You can taste RAW CHOCOLATE gelato flavour at Gaya Gelato Lab @ Sayan, Gaya Gelato @ Echo Beach and Gaya Gelato @ Jl. Uluwatu!

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