Gaya Inside has initiated a fruitful collaboration with Harmonica Organic Foods a few months ago for an interesting project in Sofia, Bulgaria, featuring high-quality ice cream. The format is called Radost, and the driving forces behind it are Lubomir Nokov and Katarina Nikolic.

The connection was immediate because the philosophy of Gaya Gelato and their strong presence align seamlessly: sustainability and the pursuit of excellence are at the core of the commitment and passion of both activities.

This sustainability translates into high-quality, organic, or even more natural raw materials, ensuring top-quality ice cream and products. The project’s strength lies in the excellence of the milk used and the products that Harmonica Organic Foods, a leader in the gastronomic and sustainable world, supports Radost with.

In line with the activities and strategies of Gaya Gelato, local products that harmonize with our project have been added to the classic ice cream production, bringing customers closer to a product that, if of high quality, can be successfully integrated into any culture.