Gelato is universally loved, there’s no doubt about it. Whether it’s the creaminess, the temperature, the sweetness that is never (or rarely) excessive, or perhaps the enveloping sensation, something about it makes it irresistible. What is universally defined as gelato must be prepared by each gelato maker with their own skills and original recipes. While the fundamental recipes are often the same, even the slightest variations in ingredient quantities and quality can define the personality of a flavor. The possibilities are endless, ranging from the traditional milk, sugar, and cream (and sometimes eggs) of custards, which alone can create completely different gelato experiences, to a variety of more or less traditional ingredients like hazelnuts, pistachios, cocoa, and all kinds of fruits, and even original offerings like pumpkin, Parmesan, or burnt wheat.

On the other hand, when we talk about ice cream, we refer to what was defined as industrial gelato in Italy in the ’70s. We mention the ’70s because today the boundary is quite blurred. Beyond openly industrial ice creams, which have undoubtedly improved their average quality and must satisfy the general public while being economically accessible, and of course, maintain a consistently familiar taste and guarantee great tactile durability in both individual servings and tubs. Then there is the gray area of ice creams that are essentially industrial; we find them in supermarkets but they hint at a supposed artisanal touch that large-scale preparation methods cannot truly fulfill. Finally, there are ice creams that claim to be artisanal but use pre-made bases as their only ingredients.

How do you understand the differences? There’s no legislative standard, so it’s up to the personal integrity of the gelato maker or producer to declare the truth, and of course, it’s up to our taste buds to understand and distinguish a true artisanal gelato from a more or less elaborate one.

The only solution, therefore, is to exercise our palate by tasting artisanal gelato. We are confident that in no time, no one will have doubts anymore!