Our gelato means quality, sustainability and evolves continuously.

Seasonal fruit and an accurate selection of ingredients represent our idea of gelato which brings to taste genuine and authentic flavors and perfumes. Sustainability and high quality ingredients are the main values of our preparations, which allow us to offer good products that are good for the Earth and the palate. Our gelato is strictly closely connected attached to the territory that talks about the flavors and the culture of the countries where it is made. Since we are 100% truthful to a natural approach, you won’t find OGM products, industrial preparations, artificial flavors and or any colorants in our products. 

Innovation through the respect of the territory and it’s traditions

We believe innovation is the way to give  is an important tool for artisans the necessary tools forto express their visionsing themselves. Through this approach, Gaya Gelato has given them professional machineries in order to make a real gelato without using colorants, emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial flavors. Knowing every aspect of raw materials in order to understand how to use them completely, is the premise that has led to big technological innovations to the traditional and artisanal Italian gelateria. Thanks to this approach, a perfect union marriage  of between craftsmanship and innovation was born, and its beating heart is the team of experts who each day bring to the table their competences and professionality. 

Continuous ideas that take shape and arrive to excellency.